Monday, September 10, 2012

Just a sandwich!

Having a little boy in full-time kindergarten means having to pack a little boy's lunch every. single. day. for the next fifteen plus years. This is the one (and probably not the only) thing that I am not looking forward to, but its something that I accept and will try to do my best at.

Last week was our first week on lunches.

The first day, I made a signature ham and cheese wrap, with some grapes, a cheese stick, yogurt, mini muffins, and some fruit snacks.

The second day, I went with crackers, cheese, pickles, and ham in a little container, plus carrots and dip, a few other snacks thrown in.

The third day, I tried the bagel with cream cheese & jam, a yogurt drink, mini muffins, some pickles, and the standard snacks on the side.

On the evening of day three, the conversation I had with E at the supper table went like this:

Me: So how was lunch today?
E: It was good. But how come you put butter on my bagel?

Me: I didn't, it was cream cheese & jam.
E: But it wasn't toasted, you are suppose to toast bagels.

Me: So you want a toasted bagel another time?
E: Ya, toasted, no butter.

Me: What do the other kids in your class bring for lunch?
E: Just sandwiches.

E: So, can I just get a sandwich tomorrow?
Me: (surprised) Okay.

E: Not a wrap, not a bagel, just plain bread and stuff, nothing fancy.

Perhaps, I was trying to hard?

Friday, he got just a sandwich. Plain bread, some ham, cheese, and mustard.

Nothing fancy.
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