Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Tonight's bedtime conversation...

Tonight at bedtime, the conversation went like this...

E: What we gonna do tomorrow Mommy?
Me: We are going to celebrate your birthday tomorrow at home, let balloons go in the sky, eat cupcakes, and open some presents.

E: And then I'm gonna be three.
Me: Yes... and then you will be three.

E: But not two?
Me: No... you will three.

E: Two? or Three?
Me: Three.

E: I have fun being two eh?
Me: Yes, but three will just as fun.

E: Will I still have to brush my teeth.
Me: Most definitely.

E: I wanna be two still.

I love his honesty. It was my last night tucking in my two year old boy.... I wonder what three will bring for this little wingman?

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