Thursday, July 21, 2011

Relax, it's not a fire... just some birthday candles!

On Monday, we celebrated my wonderful husband's birthday! Last year we were at Harvard in Boston, so E didn't get to really partake in any birthday celebrations for his Daddy, but this year, it was different! PC never likes to make too big of deal about his special day, but he still gets excited for presents every now and again!  E on the other hand gets so giddy for birthday celebrations... he can now sing the Happy Birthday song, and he loves ballons, cake, and urging the birthday recipient to open their gift, if not telling them exactly what it is!

PC's birthday was a pretty big deal for E... so we had fun after PC got home from work on Monday! PC is not a traditional cake lover or dessert man in general, so we improvised with a homemade caramel apple dip that he enjoys! As the pictures will show, E was just as into it as the birthday boy himself! H also didn't mind the festivities either, especially the tissue paper!

Happy Birthday PC... you are such an important part of our family, a great partner in life, and the very best Daddy to our beautiful boys! LOVE YOU!

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