Friday, September 02, 2011

8 Months: Come, Sit, Chat!

Summer is flying by... and so has another milestone month for my sweet baby boy.  So many changes in the last month... most notably Hudson is sitting up all by himself! He's like a different boy when sitting unassisted... so proud of himself with every look, and ready to grasp everything in sight!

He is eating like a machine... a very particular machine, but when he finds a taste he likes, he has no problem devouring everything you give him.  Vegetables are still hit and miss... and when its a complete miss you practically need a chisel to pry open those lips. We're moving onto fruits, and I know they will disguise the taste of the veggies, but the real question is... for how long?!

H sprouted another tooth ... for 8 in total, but is really working away at some side molars now.  There were a few interrupted nights up at the cottage due to teething, but a rough night at the cottage, is better than any day at home!

Speaking of cottage... this past month, H has been all over the country side with us.  He had his first boat ride, sat by the campfire, put his feet in both Lake Superior and the Georgian Bay, had a ride in the tree swing, played in the sand, and has had an all around great first summer.  He is becoming quite the little babbler too... and has no problem speaking up when he wants some attention.

H is still loving his sleep ... a solid 12 hours every night, with two cushy 2 hour naps everyday. When he is not snoozing, his jumperoo is by far his favourite thing to do... closely followed by sitting outside and watching his big bro run circles around him.

Its hard to dress this boy up as he still likes to let you know what he ate every once and while... but it never affects his mood - as they say... puke and rally! I did manage to get a few photos in for his 8 month photo shoot... but the 8th month signage seemed more appealing than Mommy dancing like a two-stepper on speed!  Nonetheless... there are few keepers in this set!

Happy 8 Months Huddy Buddy!

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