Thursday, September 08, 2011

Slow it down!

It's September.... not the 1st, but the 8th! A week in, and its already flying by! STOP September.... don't move, I have shit to accomplish this month and your moving way to fast for my liking!

I have a gazillion blog posts I'd like to write and only 2,000 photos I want to share with you from our six weeks of simply summer vacation, but the days are just zipping by, and the more I sit in front of this laptop, the less I am actually accomplishing (damn you Pinterest).

I have waaaaaaaaaaay too much on my mind these days. Mainly, its the last quarter of my awesome maternity leave, and I have a list three miles long of things I want to accomplish before reality crashes my doorstep.  However, before I can get to that list, I have two mega birthday celebrations to plan for my sweet duo of bros, an anniversary that can't go unnoticed, a few other family birthdays, and then of course the inevitable return to work - and decisions to make about work in general.

I also have been away for so long that there are a million and one people I want to visit and catch up with, but the truth of it all is that I can't reallly enjoy visiting with people and doing lunches and play-dates until I knock a few items off my to-do list.

Sometimes, sitting in this house just makes me look around at all the projects I want to be doing, and should be doing, but then my baby boy cries, my big boy repeats 'watch me Mommy' a thousand times over, and before you know it the supper fairy screwed off again and didn't leave a decent meal.

I have good intentions, I really do, but if the calendar doesn't stop flipping, I think I'm gonna have a little flip out of my own!

Anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed at how fast the days are passing... before we know it we'll be singing phacking Christmas carols and cursing mall parking lots!

Please... someone, make. it. stop.

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