Sunday, September 18, 2011

And so it begins...

This past week we registered E for CANSKATE, so that he can learn to skate on his own. I saw when the registration night was and I asked him about whether or not he wanted to do it, and his first response was 'but I gonna fall Mommy'. I explained that this is why he would go to the lessons, so that a teacher would help him, and he can learn to fall down and get back up on his own. He agreed it was a good thing and is now super excited about it... (I'm betting that wears off the minute he has to part ways with us as he gets onto the ice, but we'll see)!

At any rate... when we went to register him for the program, we had pay for the lessons, pay a membership fee to the skating club, and then we got our fundraising kit. Umm... excuse me? Fundraising? He's 2 (almost 3, but for the sake of this post, 2).

I know I know... every organization (and their dog) does fundraising, and I know why they do it, and how important it is to these organizations, but for the LOVE OF GOD, do we need to be smacked in the face with fundraising the first time we sign 'our very first child' up for anything. I had a bit of a shocked look on my face... and the woman who was helping me kind of rolled her eyes too, but did explain what it was for and pushed it in front my take home pile. It's only $40 per kid, and I know we have grandparents and aunts and uncles and friends who will probably buy the tickets, but at the same time... he's 2, and he has to fund raise.

Welcome to the world of extra-circular activities... would you like to buy a ticket?

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