Monday, September 19, 2011

9 Months: Shovel Shovel, Clap Clap

So here we are... my sweet baby boy is another month older... 9 months to be exact. Where has the time gone?

While the summer was busy, this month has been equal go go go! But at least we are based out of home and are trying to resume a somewhat regular routine.

At 9 months, Hudson is full of energy.  Not crawling forwards just yet, but definitely has the reverse motion going on. He's ninth tooth has almost arrived, its there, but has yet to break through the gums! Any day now, I'm sure.  Unfortunately, in the the last few days, H has developed his first cold, and I can guarantee that his least favourite activity on this earth is having his nose wiped.  Talk about protesting... WOW, can he put up a good fight!

The best part of the last month has been watching him clap on command. He loves his little rock stage toy that sings 'if your happy and you know it clap your hands'... he loves to clap away to that, and can patty-cake with the best of them. The look on his face is priceless when you start singing patty-cake... he lights up and performs! So cute.

I just put away most of his summer clothes, and quickly realized that he's jumped two sizes since the spring. He has a bit of a different build that his big bro, so certain clothes are just not his style. And hats... I have a million cute little hats from E's wardrobe, but this boy is not having anything to do with hats. You put it on, he rips it off, you put it on again, he rips off AGAIN.  Wash. rinse. repeat. Its quite the game, and although I really want to win, I know I'm not going too!

Lately we've been calling H 'the shovel' because his hands act like shovels as soon as you put any finger foods down for him. He scoops them up off the table and in to his mouth by the handful and then gives you this serious look as if 'that's all? C'mon, I'll take some more'. Wonder where he gets that from? ;-)!  He's a good eater though.. and is digging the meats, and all of the fruits, except peaches.  He is slowly mastering the sippy cup too... using the shovels, he directs it into his mouth and then giggles with delight because he thinks is a toy that sprays him! Very fun to watch!  I have no idea what he weighs these days as we haven't been to the doctor since his six month appointment, but I hazard to guess its in the 18 pounds range right now! He's heavy on the hip that's for sure.

On another note 9 months for Hudson means, I only have 3 more months to spend at home with him.  He is at such a fun age of discovery, and its so fun to watch. I'm going to try to stop looking at the calendar so much and focus more of the fun that lies ahead.

Photo shoot was a bit difficult given that my shooting subject was a little under the weather, but we came up with a few shots that mark this milestone month.

You are such a fun little boy Hudson, Happy 9 months!

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