Monday, October 10, 2011

Cupboard Organization

This post would be so much more effective if only I had taken a before shot of the state of my cupboards ...but my mother and a few close friends can definitely attest to that fact that they were awful... as in awfully disorganized, and awfully full of 'stuff' ... none of which went together, and all of which was jammed into these cubby holes our builder refers to as cupboards.

But... give a girl a year off with a baby at home, and 10 months in she'll get a little extra energy and decide to organize the crap out of the cupboards.  I think the 'nesting' energy that I lacked at the end of my pregnancy with H, was maybe held on reserve until now (and NO I am not pregnant again)!

So... in order to get this little project underway, I dropped forty bucks at the dollar store, got 20 little brown square baskets, add in a half day's work and Bob's your uncle!  Plus you get a lifetime of reward - as long as I don't overflow the baskets and start jamming shit on top of them. But for now... let's just sit back and admire!

I know I know... the working world is thinking, perhaps its time to get back to the office as I may just have a little too much time on my hands!  Whatever the case... I am loving getting stuff out of my cubby holes now! Let's take a dip mix out... no no, let's put it back in. Cooking is even getting more exciting as I can actually see the trillion Epicure spices I have in my cupboard instead of just the first three I could only view because they were at the front. Before it was a death trap... a small child could have been seriously harmed by a falling object when I went rooting through the cupboard... but now, no need to whip out the hard hats in the danger zone.  It's kid safe, and most importantly functional.

Yes... I'm beaming with excitement over this project! What a difference a little organization can make in your life!
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