Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Seven Months: Eating and Bouncing!

This past weekend, my little munchkin hit his 7th month milestone.  Our social calendar was A LITTLE busy but I did manage to sneak in a few photos ... which I might add are becoming more and more challenging with H's growing curiosity of the big wide world.

Let's see... since his six month post, H has grown... growing out of sleepers and even some shorts are starting to get a little tight for him. H started cereal and loves feeding time... so far he has tasted rice, barley, and now oatmeal.  He's a bit of a spoon hog... always wanting the spoon to himself, so I have high hopes he will feed himself in no time.

He is eager to get moving... he likes to be on his belly and has the rocking motion down pat, but yet is still satisfied to just roll to his intended destination.  He hasn't quite grasped the strength to sit up by himself... we've been working on it, but he really isn't that interested in doing it on his own.  I have to laugh when I sit him up and let go of him... he just casually flops to one side, gets his legs under him, moves onto his belly and looks up at you as if to say 'why would anyone want to do that again?'

He has sprouted yet another tooth... bottom left of center, which brings his count up to seven. He'll be chewing steak and potatoes in no time at the rate he's getting teeth.  His new favourite past time is definitely the jumperoo... bouncing is his thing... he has quite the little jig, prepping for next year's Glengarry Highland Games, I'm sure!

I can hardly believe how quickly the last month has past... we are prepping for some family time for the month of August, so before I know it we'll be doing our 8 month photo shoot at the cottage.  Crazy!  Its at this moment that I am really trying to savour my sweet boy. He is changing and growing so rapidly now ... and while I am excited for his next stage... I love to snuggle and cuddle with him in the state that is still less independent and more reliant on Mommy!

Happy 7 months to you Huddy Bear, my baby! You are the bestest boy!

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