Thursday, February 24, 2011

Big Boy Underwear!

Today is a big day.

Its the first day that I have E in big boy underwear... just underwear, no diaper, no pull-up, just his a thin pair of Cars underwear between his bare bum and his jeans.  

E has been wearing a pull-up since just after his 2nd birthday (back in October) and has been doing really well going on the potty.  I would go as far as to say he is fully trained for the potty when it comes to number twos, but still has some inconsistency when it comes to peeing on a regular basis. He recently discovered some underwear I have had in his drawer for several months and on Monday, he showed a real interest in wearing them.  PC decided to put them over his pull-up at his request the other night and he was very excited about it. The light switch went on for both of us that maybe we can go to just underwear now.

I have to say, the whole potty training thing was something I was really reluctant to get into, but with some encouragement from our daycare provider back in October, I came to see that E was ready, willing, and able. The thing about diapers is that although its a pain to change a diaper, at least its on your schedule when you decide to do it.  In potty training mode, when E says he has to go pee, he has to go, whether we're at the grocery store, in the car, or elbow deep in pizza dough.

As much I want him to be fully potty trained, I also dread the 'situations' we will get ourselves into when we don't have the pull-up to fall back on. As well, going with just underwear in a social setting will no doubt create some embarrassing situations for him, and it will break my heart to see him upset about the accidents he is bound to have, but I know, this is the only way for him to really learn and process the consequences of not telling us he has to go pee.

It's only noon, and so far he's on his third pair of underwear. We've gone through Cars, Thomas, and are now onto woof-woofs... and every ten minutes I am asking him 'is woof-woof still dry?', to which he answers a confident 'YES Mom-mee!'.

I am hoping after a few days of accidents at home and at daycare he'll have caught on that having wet underwear, pants, and socks, is no fun - and that he's got to tell us when he has to pee all the time, no just when he's prompted or its convenient to him.

Fingers crossed this is right approach... (double crossed actually)!

UPDATE: E has done fantastic in the big boy underwear.  The first day was probably his worst day...  in the last week and a bit we have had many accident free days. I am very proud Mommy!

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