Friday, February 25, 2011

If only they could meet!

I don't think a day really goes by that I don't consciously think of my grandparents.  I have always believed that they are watching over me and still supporting and loving me just as if they were still alive.

I feel so fortunate that I had the opportunity to get to know them and share my childhood with them. I have so many memories with them, but I am also hurt that I did not get to share my family with them. I think they would have absolutely adored my children and every day that passes, I wish there was some super natural way that would allow me introduce them to each other.

It sounds crazy right? But it is something I really wish for.

Before when it was just PC and I, I often told him how much I think my grandparents would have liked him, and I feel ten times the same way that they would have really liked E and H too.  E, at the tender age of two, is into tractors and trains, and all things locomotive... I think he and my Grandpa W would have had so much in common.  My Grandpa W loved all these little trinket toys and E would be thrilled to see him pull out his impressive collection. I can hear E giggling now just thinking about the fun they would have together.

As we are planning our up coming trip to Florida, it reminds me when I went to Florida as a child, and how when we went to visit my Grandparents before our big trip, Grandpa B, would slip my sister and I a fifty to buy a souvenir on our trip. He never cracked a smile much, but I just knew how much he loved me, especially when he made big gestures like that seem like nothing too important. I think seeing my boys prepare for their trip would give him just as much enjoyment, and even more so as they are boys!

Its the sweetness of the age of my boys right now that both my grandmother's would have adored. The way E gives hugs and kisses, and H's coos and smiles at anyone who talks to him.  Together they would have made my grandmothers instantly smile.  I can see it, much in the same way they make their own grandparents smile.

I miss my grandparents so much... and although I wish they were with us longer, I find joy in the fact my boys are blessed, much like I was, to have two sets of grandparents alive and well... and ready to share in their lives. I like to think that my grandparents passing before my boys were born was in fact a gift to my parents... giving them more free time to spend with their grandchildren... loving and spoiling them, much the same way they did for me.