Wednesday, February 09, 2011

A little note from Pierre Lemeuix

Yesterday in the mail, we received a card addressed to Hudson Coleman.

When we opened it, it was a hand written note from Pierre Lemieux, our Member of Parliament for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell. The note was welcoming Hudson to the community and congratulating us on his arrival (with a copy of his birth announcement that my in-laws *must* have put in the local paper).

Two years ago, he did this when E arrived, and I was impressed... and today, I'm still impressed.

I work in Communications and more specifically Government Communications, so I know how easy it is for a government official to snap their fingers and have a correspondence unit draft up a standard congratulations letter and then have it come across the official's desk for signature.  So ... in this case, where the letter is hand-written (and the hand-writing matches the card we received for E in 2008), I think it speaks volumes about Mr. Lemieux and the extra little things that matter to him. The fact that two years later he is still keeping up the same practices is really refreshing to see (2008 when E was born was right around election time...which is not the case this time).

Am I a huge fan of the Conservatives? No, not really, but I have to admit, these little gestures come to mind at election time, and since the competition has sent us squat ... its fairly likely Mr. Lemieux may have our vote based on this gesture alone!

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