Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Two Month Photo Shoot!

My baby boy is two months old today, and yet to me, it seems like he and I have been hanging out for much longer than that (and I mean that in a good way). At two months, I now can't remember what life was like without having two boys. H just seems to be the perfect fit to our family, and I find myself clinging a bit more to his infant state, more so than I may have with done with E. These first few months are so precious, and I have developed an overwhelming feeling of love for my little boy, my baby!

H has had two great months... he is now smiling and cooing and starting to give us those rewarding moments when we include him in our conversations.  There is nothing more thrilling in a day than speaking to your baby and have him return the favour with his own set of dramatics. I love it.  I know when I write this, other mothers of two month olds may want to leave me nasty comments, but H has been sleeping through the night from midnight to 7am (sometimes 6:30 am, sometimes 8:30 am) for the last month.  Much to my surprise at this stage, we are getting a lot of decent stretches of sleep in this household, which I didn't dream was even possible. H really caught on to his days and nights very early on. He eats often in a day, but I have no problem with this if it means I get my 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

At the 6 week mark, H weighted in at 9lbs, 4oz... so he is gaining weight, not at an overly alarming rate, but he is on track to be one healthy boy! I seriously pinch myself a bit and wonder if he can be this easy going.  I really thought E was a great baby, but H at this stage *may* be even better!

H is generating a lot more laundry in this household... he likes to spit up a bit after each feed, just to let you know he's full, so he is keeping his laundry basket full at all times, but luckily, he has enough clothes in his closet to dress a hockey team, so, at least he's wearing ALL of those lovely gifts we have received.

H may also love his Mommy a tad bit more than anyone else right now... I am noticing more and more that while I can calm him down immediately when he is upset, others, including Daddy, seem to have a bit more trouble.  I may have Mama's boy on my hands... but hoping he turns out to love people as much as his brother!

Yes, the two month mark is here and what better way to celebrate than with a photo shoot!

Happy TWO months sweet boy.


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