Monday, August 17, 2009

The one about the vase!

Isn't just wonderful when your husband buys you flowers and surprises you with them? I love love LOVE getting fresh flowers, but I can actually count on one hand the number of times PC has done this for me... he reserves flowers for MAJOR f%&$ ups I guess - and apparently, according to PC's flower buying record, he hasn't done anything wrong in quite sometime!

The other morning, we had a knock at our door, and it was one of our neighbours. He was wanting to know if he could borrow a vase. I like this neighbour, and I had no problem lending him one. Apparently he had bought his wife a beautiful bouquet of flowers for their anniversary and didn't have anything to put them in.

I opened our 'useless' cupboard and grabbed an IKEA vase that I have had for a long time. He looked at it and said 'this will work... but, do you have anything bigger?'

I knew that I did have a bigger vase, I remember getting it as a wedding gift... so I said to him 'I know I do, but give me 10 minutes as I will have to look for it'.

I smirked at PC and said to our neighbour... 'you can tell how often I get flowers around here!'

So... off I went looking for the big vase. I headed downstairs to the basement and after checking a couple of hiding spaces, I did find it on the top shelf of the closet, in its original box.

It turns out the vase we were given as a wedding gift was crystal... and I thought to myself 'wow, this is nice', but didn't think twice about not lending it to our neighbour.

I brought it upstairs and set it at the door, and along came PC. He opened up the box and said 'This is crystal? Wow. Your going to lend them the crystal?' in a shocking tone.

Quick to reply, I said 'it's not like it's getting any use around here! What is the worst that can happen, they break it, and I have a broken crystal vase and still no flowers to put in it - oh no!'

There was an eye roll on PC's part, but that was the end of the conversation, as clearly he nothing fire back with!

1 - 0 SC.

I quite enjoyed this conversation... although I think PC would have preferred our neighbour knocked on a different door that morning!

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