Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I love hoodies

I have a tendency to be a bit over the top when I find something I like. If you've known me a while, you may recall the phase where I LOVED (past tense) everything Winnie the Pooh. I had to have EVERYTHING Pooh... and soon everyone caught on this and ensured that I had everything and anything POOH. Now I hate it with a passion (well not hate, but definitely I am sooooo over Pooh Bear, like 10 years over him!), and I think its because I just got Pooh'd-out in such a short time frame.

Then it was flip-flops... and trust me, the flip-flop thing is still going on, although I don't totally freak out when I see something in the flip-flop theme - I causally assess it, and ask myself, will I still like it/use it in 5 years. If the answer is yes... then I buy it, if the answer is no... then I walk around with it my cart for 30 minutes, and ditch on the last shelf before the cash! 'my thing' is hoodies.

Can a girl... a.k.a. me, possibly have one too many hoodies - I think not.

A hoodie... is the ultimate comfort clothing item for me. I believe that you aren't completely 'vegging out' until you are chillin in your favourite hoodie!

Since being on maternity leave I have accumulated quite a few hoodies (in addition to the dozen I already owned before getting preggers!)... I remember the week before E was born, I was in ROOTS and saw this red hoodie that was on sale, and I had to buy it, even though my belly wouldn't fit into it at the time - it just looked so comfy and it was the one piece of clothing I looked forward to wearing after giving birth.

Then came a new Lulu hoodie, which I purchased with a birthday gift card (from PC). After that, PC brought me home an Under Armour hoodie as a his 'Thank you for letting me spend a weekend away with friends while you were here with E alone' gift. I liked the hoodie so much that I purchased the same UA hoodie in Florida - only in a different colour.

I also love the simple GAP hoodies so much that I own three of them. While away this past month, I almost purchased another one, but knew PC would freak out if I did, as he had told me close to a dozen times 'if you get another hoodie, I'm buying a golf club and a watch'! You see... golf clubs and watches are his things... (along with belts, and shoes, and ties... but that's a whole other post), and each of us thinks that other shouldn't get any more of their thing - but little does he know, I put it on my Christmas wish list... so he won't be able to say a thing when it turns up under the Christmas tree as a GIFT!

I don't know what it is that draws me to hoodies... I think I have been on maternity leave too long, wearing too many comfy clothes... because while some people invest in accessories and expensive clothes for work, I like to save up for a good hoodie!

What is your fashion thing... doubtful that its hoodies, but if it is, know how cool I think you are!