Monday, August 24, 2009

Return to Sender

Today, I picked up the mail, and noticed two pieces of mail in our box addressed to the previous owners.

This drives. me. nuts.


Because we moved in our house four and half years ago.

In the first six months that we lived at this address I was vigilant about writing RETURN TO SENDER on the envelopes and putting them back in the mail. I actually hoped the tenants at our previous address were doing the same (shout out to the Sellers). But, after four and half years, if you haven't changed your address, I don't think you are entitled to the mail.

And what's more annoying is that the companies who are still sending out the mail haven't realized that they have been sending their mail outs to the wrong address for four freakin years.

Specifically Scotiabank, Sunlife Insurance, and Royal Bank are still mailing what looks like account statements to this address. I think to myself, how good is your customer relations if you don't know the proper address of your clients for four years.

I really have to laugh at Sunlife.... because every year at Christmas, the insurance agent goes to the trouble to send the previous owners a Christmas card, and a calendar, and a magnet... but all they do is end up our recycle bin.

I guess in the world of online business, snail mail is really not necessary, so the previous owners probably aren't missing out on much as I imagine they are keeping up with their finances and insurance on the web. But... this doesn't help my problem with the amount of mail we receive that is not for us.

I think its bad here, and we are only the second owners of this house - I am sure apartment people have it 10 times as bad if they are the 5 or 15th people in the place. Isn't it just annoying on all accounts?

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