Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back from va-cay!

I'm back.

Back from vacation (yes even those on maternity leave take vacation contrary to the belief that maternity leave is a year of vacation!)... and back to reality.

I have been trying to figure out what to bl0g about... the first post back should be a good one, but every time I think about blogging, I just feel like I have nothing to say.

Yes... we had a good couple of weeks on the road. We did a lot and yet we did nothing too, which was why it was so good. I think we were glad to get home after being gone a few days shy of a month... I have pictures out the ying-yang of E and all of things he did... but I am not inspired to write about those things right now - maybe because I feel like I have to cover three weeks of our busy lives into a single blog post (I will get to posting the pics, but not today!).

There are a gi-zillion things on my mind right now... most notably returning to work, the transition to daycare for E, my work wardrobe (!!!), my eating habits, how PC and I will adjust to me returning to work full-time, the cost of daycare, our extra-circular activities, the state of my house... this list goes on, and on, and on.

To update on a few things:
  • Daycare: we found a wonderful lady who is going to watch E, she lives not to far from us, and just seems like a great person. She only watches one other little boy, so E will have a playmate, but yet will still be well-cared for which puts my mind at ease.
  • The cost of daycare is such an opener... isn't it? I know that I do want to work, and that working vs. staying at home is much more profitable for our family, but nonetheless to think what we could do with the money we will be spending on daycare is such a scary thought - and more reason not to have another baby in the short term!
  • Returning to work... a scary thought, but its going to happen. Here's the kicker... my return to work date is October 5th... a Monday which is nice, but E's FIRST birthday. I was like: are you kidding me? I feel very lucky to have been able to be off his entire first year, but that's a little harsh isn't it - sending me back on my first child's first birthday. I am going to see if I can work out a deal with my boss to maybe go in a day the week before and get set up and then be off with E on his special day - I will keep you posted.
  • Speaking of going back to work... I feel like I will be starting a new job with my return. I think I can count on one hand the number of people that are still there from last fall. A lot and I mean A LOT of people have since taken other jobs in different departments. I know when I show up 90% of the staff will be like 'whose the new girl?', and I am sure that will piss me off cause I won't be in the loop, I will have to earn my way into the loop! The bright side is... its a new job that I *should* know how to do, so hopefully it won't be that bad - and I am looking forward to feeling like an expert on something other than E's daily schedule!
  • I am slowly learning that 'keeping house' with a baby on the move is virtually impossible. How can someone so small make such a mess! On top of that, since the majority of the time I spend picking up after E, I don't have the energy to file the mail, put my own stuff away, or organize my way out of a wet paper bag. I seriously need to get a handle on this, or else I will never allow any visitors in my house again!
  • My work wardrobe is such a task. I haven't wore dress clothes in over a year. I think I may have put on a pair of dress pants for Christmas Eve mass, but aside from that - nothing. I hate trying on clothes from a year ago while having to cross my fingers that I can still get the button done up on the waist. I did this last night, and surprisingly there were only two pairs of my 'skinny' pants that just don't fit - unless of course I don't plan on sitting down the entire time I am wearing them. PC and I did some shopping in the states while we were away and I purchased a couple of things for work ... but beyond that I am left wondering if I am going to look like a 'Mom' when I return to the office, instead of the young, hip, cool team member I was before I went on mat. leave (*laughs*) - this one is to be continued, I guess!
Alright, E is napping, while I am posting this (which is why I don't get anything done around the house)... so I had better get something to eat before he wakes up or else those skinny pants will be fitting in no time.

Hoping to get back on regular blogging now (no promises though), so check back again this week and maybe I will have some pics up from our vacation!

Cheers, and thanks for coming back.

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