Saturday, July 04, 2009

FYI: $1.25 is the new Dollar!

It just me or do other people think its wrong for the DOLLAR store to be charging $1.25 for a lot of their items now?

I went to the buy some crafter's paint today (for a little project I have PC doing) ... and discovered a few other things for scrap-booking while I was there. Everything in the scrap-booking department now had these stickers on it that said $1.25.

As I wandered through the aisles, I noticed the majority of the items were mark with these new green stickers, stating NOW $1.25 - as if its some sort of deal! Here's the deal... your getting suckered into paying an extra quarter for something that you were only charged a dollar for two months ago!

Financially, raising the price a quarter isn't that big of deal to me - but on principle ... a place called Dollarama, use to pride themselves in selling everything in their store for (get this) ONE DOLLAR. Now... if I was at A Buck or Two, I might not be as annoyed, but Dollarama - c'mon, its what you've become famous for!

In the original dollar store days, items were never marked with tags because everything was ONE DOLLAR - and that did not require anything to have a price tag. I think the cost of printing these new $1.25 stickers can't be that much cheaper than a quarter... so in my head I am wondering how beneficial is this new $1.25 at the Dollarama campaign really going to be?

I guess we have the TET's (Tough Economic Times) to blame for this one!