Tuesday, October 02, 2007

When to make the switch?

Here were are... the first week of October, and I am still in sandal mode... still loving the fact that I can still slip on a pair of sandals with ease and simplicity to walk out the door.

However, the mornings are starting to get a bit more chilly - and the initial thought has crossed my mind to make the switch to my boots, or dressy shoes with nylons/dress socks - but I feel like once I make the switch, I can't go back to my precious summer sandals until next spring.

It's weighs heavy on mind, I drive to work with the heat blasting out on my toes until there are almost on fire. I feel as though I should have boots on, but then in the afternoon, I can hardly wait to blast the A/C on them as they are somewhat sweaty (gross, I know, but it's true!).

I guess my reluctance to make the switch also factors in the French pedicure I have, which has held up surprisingly well over the last month, making me think: why ruin a good looking set of toes by covering them up in a pair of boots?

I thought by wearing my sandals I was still with the majority of the woman out there, but after Saturday's outing to the Sens game, I notice a lot of woman are torn on the issue. I would say it was a 50/50 split at the game. Half of the women were in their sandals, the other half wearing boots or more winter-like shoes.

Of course there are extremes to the winter boot/summer sandal debate. I, of course had on jeans, sandals, and thin 3/4th length sleeved sweater - other girls took the 'summer's still alive' theory right to the edge in their mini skirts, white tank tops, and surfer flip-flops - woe-la - it's not 110 degrees out. Then we had the other half of the crowd with the fall type hats on, heavy sweaters or leather coats on, with nice sturdy boots, ready to truck through 12 inches of fresh snow.

I felt as though I was mediocre, the outfit I was wearing would have looked fine with either boots or sandals, but I chose sandals feeling that I should try to get as much sandal use of the nice weather until its absolutely unbearable.

What do you think? Are you wearing your fall/winter boots yet, or are you still riding out the sandal weather - holding onto the bitter end?