Wednesday, September 26, 2007

TV Show Frenzy

Good weather + good tv don't mix. This week is the start of sooooooo many season premieres.... and I am having a hard time getting into lazy winter tv mode, when its still 30 some degrees outside in the evenings.

Monday night was so hard to decide what to watch. Prison Break was on, Heroes, K-Ville, Journey Man, the Bachelor, CSI Miami, the Hills, Dancing with the Stars - it was pure torture. All I can say is thank GOD for the PVR. PC and I agreed to watch Prison Break, K-Ville, and then split up for the 10 spot... he watched CSI Miami and I went upstairs for the Hills.

It seemed like a full night of tv between phone calls... and yet on the PVR I still had 4 shows to watch to complete my Monday night tv date, not to mentioned my daily quick scan of General Hospital, Young and the Restless, and Oprah.

On Sunday night, we were at the in-laws for supper and didn't get home late, but when I scanned the PVR schedule for the week, I noticed that it also picked up the season premiere of Brother's and Sisters, another favourite of mine. So that makes 5 shows I need to watch before next Sunday.

I don't really like to watch too much tv.... in the winter I usually have one night a week I like to dedicate to the tube, but this year it seems I might have to adjust my rule given that their are 8 shows on Monday night alone.

Grey's Anatomy starts tomorrow tonight... followed by another intense episode of MTV's trashy Newport Harbor - and since I have dinner plans I will probably miss both shows, which means 7 shows on the PVR that will need to be reviewed in time for next week.

Looks like I am gearing up for an exciting weekend, one big date with my PVR... but if the weather is half as nice as it was this past weekend, I will want to be outside doing yard things before the weather turns crappy and I have been inside for the next 6 months.

Oh ... the life I lead is filled with so many difficult choices!