Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pressure is on....

I have been meaning to update more regularly on the status of the basement project... but the truth is, PC hasn't had much time to devote to it lately, and even I've been too busy to take the most recent pictures of it.

However... I've basically put PC on a 6 week deadline ... as I've ordered new furniture for the upstairs... which means the current furniture we have needs to a find a new home, which will be the finished basement!

Now... I know most of you men are thinking, what an evil bitch I am for doing something so devious to PC, but the truth is he okayed the purchase... given that it was a slicker of a DEAL! And... we've both agreed that the basement doesn't need to be finished right down to the trim on the baseboards - but we need to at least see wall paint and carpet before the couch upstairs can move downstairs.

I tried to make up a little schedule yesterday morning, but PC would have nothing to do with that, citing 'make a schedule all you want, but you are only going to make yourself upset because I won't be sticking to it' - so out the door went my clever plan to keep him on track with a giant checklist on the fridge. The project has even been set back a little further as PC came home from reffing late Friday night with a knee injury, which means he is to keep off of it, and off skates too.

So.... while I would normally be ecstatic that he isn't reffing, giving him more time to work on the basement, this basically means he can't do either: ref or hard labour; however, as we speak PC and his Dad are downstairs making a lot of noise, which means something is happening- this is a good start to the non-schedule he's following, even if he is laid up a bit!

All in all... I am super excited to have the furniture coming in 6 weeks, I thought that it wouldn't be until after Christmas before I got around to furniture shopping, but last week I decided to browse a few places, and when I only really saw one set I liked at over 7 stores, the sales lady informed me of an upcoming sale, and without further ado I jumped at the chance. The fact that the set I wanted had to be ordered and would take a while to arrive was right up my alley - and now it has me thinking of the gazillion other things I want to do to my house in the next little while!

The good news for all my family and friends is that this year I have an actual Christmas list a mile long of things I want need, so I shouldn't be that 'hard to buy for' person on your list this year!

All this to say... stay tuned, I will hopefully soon get around to getting some of the 'work in progress' pictures posted - and you will be able to share in the excitement as PC gets on the final road to completing the projo!