Monday, September 24, 2007

The 730 mark!

Today marks the 730th day that PC and I have been married.... most people like to keep track in years, but when we are only at 2 years, it sounds much more milestone-ish when you convert it over to days, don't ya think?

I shouldn't be saying 'only' 2 years... 2 years is pretty exciting! We are clearly not newlyweds anymore... but yet were not that 'old married couple' either. I guess we're still in the 'young and in love' stage, and still pretty content with each other (most days)!

In 2 years we have a lot to be proud of... we're still sleeping the same bed, still talking daily, still annoying one other to no end, and still playing stupid jokes that only the other person would think is funny, or not soooo funny!

On this day, as corny as it may sound, I am thankful that at the end of day we have each other to come home... which is truly a great feeling!

PC... if by an chance you stumble on this, and happen to read this far...


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