Thursday, September 06, 2007

Beautiful Lakeshore Wedding

This past weekend, PC and I travelled to Grimsby, Ontario to attend the wedding of two good friends... Krista Smith -former 130-O girl, and Kelly Burchall -Kenora boy from highway 17!

It was an absolute gorgeous wedding, outside at a beautiful home on the shore of lake Ontario. The sun was shining, a warm breeze blowing - no humidity, just warm summer heat - and not a thing went wrong (or at least nothing that I could tell!).

The ceremony was short, yet very well spoken by the Minister with all the necessities of a ceremony, vows, rings and a kiss. I was asked to do a reading at the wedding, an did so with only a few minor hiccups... (my public speaking skills came in rather handy when I missed an entire phrase, but I like to think I recovered nicely, without anyone knowing what was suppose to be said!).

The bride was beautiful.... as was the entire wedding party. My words won't do this ceremony justice, you had to be there of course, but I hope some of the pictures below will give you an idea of what event was like. I thought I would post some of the formal ceremony pics today, and then get around the 'let loose' reception pics tomorrow - you know the sort of ... CEREMONY WITHOUT ALCOHOL vs. RECEPTION WITH ALCOHOL!

Enjoy, and stay tuned for some goodies tomorrow!

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