Friday, September 07, 2007

Wedding Reception Done Right!

Okay... where did we leave off? Oh yes... the ceremony was complete, and guests were escorted via a lovely school bus to two Niagara wineries, for two hours worth of wine tasting and testing.

I have two words for you: GOOD TIMES!
The wedding party spent the time taking the necessary photos to complete the afternoon portion of the day, and then we all reunited at the Olympia Hall in Hamilton for a 6 course meal.

Can you say STUFFED? Because we were!

Dessert was the most entertaining course of the night as the staff of the Olympia Hall showcased their talents by making flambe in front of all the guests, lights off, music pumping, it was a theatrical display, as was the midnight buffet, which Krista and Kelly were incorporated into on their rolling chairs! It was definitely something see, a reception like no other.

After supper, and a few more drinks... everyone moved out to the dance floor to further the wedding memories for Krista and Kelly, with some good ol' get down and boogie dance moves.

Phase II can be summed up in two more words: OPEN BAR!
Below is a progressive display of the evening... PC showcased his stellar dance moves, and

everyone took turn doing the Kenora version of the Horns of Hell when their picture was snapped! This was a little tribute to Kelly's signature picture taking pose, discussed earlier in the evening thanks to Ms. Clapp who so perfectly summed up (with photos) how Kelly and Krista came to be via the Kenora Horns of Hell!!

You also will notice the final two photos really tell the tale of the night for PC and I... neither one of us letting any drinks go to waste, and finally PC holding my purse... clearly you know a man has had too much to drink when he publicly hold a woman's purse in front of a crowd and doesn't even wonder what others will think!

Thanks to Krista and Kelly Mr. & Mrs Burchall, (who are on their honeymoon in Jamaica) for a great time and great memories... as you can see we had a lot of fun!
Congrats to the newly married couple!

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