Monday, October 01, 2007

Saturday night girls outing!

This weekend was spent working on a nightmare file, but the highlight was that I did manage to salvage my Saturday night plans to attend the Sens game with three of my closest friends.

I have to admit I am a Sens fan and I do enjoy hockey, but I just don't have the same intensity as I did back in June when we were on a quest for Lord Stanley.

To be honest... if Saturday night's game hadn't gone into over time, I would have left the building mainly wondering what the score was and who scored the goals. Terrible, I know.

But, that's what you get when you put 4 close friends together in the 300 level at the Bank during the pre-season! None of us were deathly interested in the game - and my interests went right out the door when I realized Ray Emery wasn't in the net, nor on the bench. For that point on, I turned to either side of me and began catching it up with the girls!

We chatted non. stop. and frankly, got a little perturbed when the rest of the place started cheering for a good save, or a penalty kill. All I could think to myself was 'excuse me, we are trying to have a conversation here - keep it down would ya'.

We actually had a really good time, we tried out the new Lonestar food booth - had fajitas and chips and conqueso... really nice treat, then had an after dinner latte at Tim Horton's. We got to people watch a bit, saw some interesting characters - just an all around good night out with the ladies.

The ticket didn't cost a dime, it was courtesy of a friend who knows a 'Cat' in high places, so it's not like it was a waste of money; however, when I did arrive home to PC still working on the basement (a 16 hour shift), we had the following exchange of words:

PC: Hey... how was the game?
Me: Game? Ahhhh... game was good.

PC: What was the score?
Me: Score? Ummm... 5-4. NO wait, 4-3... I think?

PC: You think? Didn't watch the game did you?
Me: Yah, well... no, not really.

PC: **shakes his head in disgust**
Me: Well, there was over time, and the Sens scored, they won - I know that.

PC: **still shaking his head in disgust**
Me: What?

PC: Too busy talking all night?
Me: **smiles, nodding**

PC: **shakes his head in disgust**
Me: Get back to work!

Okay... so if 4 close guy friends got 4 free tickets to the Sens game... they maybe would have done things a little differently - but 4 girls, in the pre-season - really, what did you expect?