Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Part-Time Marriage Now in Effect

September marks the beginning of yet another reffing/hockey/curling season... which also means PC and I are back to our part-time marriage for the next 8 months!

All usually goes splendidly during the first month, as we are both happy to be out of each other's hair and have our own time to ourselves; however, this year, from my own reasons, I have decided to scale back on the competitive curling just a tad - meaning more free time to myself to do whatever. i. want.

I have feeling this new found leisure time of mine could impact PC's enjoyment of the part-time arrangement as the more free time I have, the more work I usually dream up for him to do!

The decision for scaling back the curling mostly revolves around the working hours of my new job - I can't be a reliable team member when I have to work during the time I would need to be on the ice, and in all honestly, I want some of my winter weekends back. The last few years we have never been able to make plans with any of our friends in the winter because when PC was free, I was curling, or if I was free, he was reffing. It never seemed to work out which was disappointing to me. This winter I am looking forward to doing a few more things with my close friends, and dealing less with the politics of competitive women's curling.

The new schedule PC and I have going hasn't gotten off to a great start... for starters, I was sick this week... and PC didn't want to be in my vicinity for fear he would catch the same cold, so we basically avoided each other in the short times we did have together.

Being sick meant not eating for basically two days.. and since PC has been busy with reffing commitments every night this week, I haven't felt like cooking a half decent supper just for me, which has meant no time or energy to prepare lunches for the next day. It's become a vicious cycle.

Just when I was starting to pat myself on the back for sticking to the early morning lunch packing/coffee-making routine I have been on for a good two months, it seems this week I have no energy to do any of it. I am hoping to get back on track next week... but one never knows, its like having one smoke after you quit for 5 years... are you back being a smoker, or was it just one smoke that didn't mean anything to you?

Anywho... to sum up this post that is dragging on... the part-time marriage is now in effect, so prepare yourselves for some interesting marital posts in the months ahead - I have no doubt my extra free time will be devoted to the blog and may involve various detailed critics of PC's ways!

Stay tuned...!