Thursday, August 28, 2008

License to Drive!

So... PC and I are nearing the time when we can post our little sign in the back window of the Escape... BABY ON BOARD (thanks Mary-Ellen for it!).

I have started to wonder about this little sign... ? Once we hang it in the back window... what does it actually mean?

Does it alert other drivers on the road to take extra caution when approaching our vehicle, or does it give me permission to drive like a mad woman and not piss others off because they will think 'Oh... she's got a baby in there - must be an emergency?'

I have to say... I have seen some erratic drivers on the roads with this sign in their back window, and I think a variety of things when I see them:

  • A. What a piece of shit parent you are for driving like a maniac with a child in the car.

  • B. I hope to GOD the baby is NOT in the car if your driving like that.

  • C. I bet that guy doesn't even have a baby... he just has the sign so that people will let him in during rush hour.

  • D. Okay... maybe something is really wrong 'the lady has a baby on board - let her in PEOPLE'!
I guess it will be the same for us... if PC is behind the wheel... people will probably think A, B or C, but if its me... then I am guessing folks will go with D.

Originally I was thinking I will have to give up my speeding and erratic driving habits once the baby comes, but maybe this BABY ON BOARD sign just gave me a whole new license to drive!

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