Tuesday, November 20, 2007

There are no accidents.

Honestly... how many more times do I have to see the WSIB ad where the young aspiring chef slips on grease and spills a pot of boiling water on her face.

I get the message loud and clear - there are no accidents.

I get it, I've been to their interactive web site www.prevent-it.ca - I've read up on it.

I. Get. It.

In the last hour I have seen the same commercial 3 times. It doesn't get any easier to watch or listen to the third time in. I have heard through the grapevine, WSIB had to tone down the screams in the editing of the chef accident ad because they were too 'upsetting'.

I think the campaign achieves its goals - if the goals include: raising awareness about workplace safety and the extreme accidents that can happen due to unsafe working environments; the idea that every individual, every worker, management included, needs to take responsibility for the safety of their workplace.

I know the campaign is getting mixed reviews, but from a communication's standpoint, I think the campaign is a success. As much as the ad bugs me, it gets to me, and that is what social marketing is all about.

What do you think, have you seen the ads... do you like/dislike them?