Monday, November 19, 2007

Enough with the carols...

I think I mentioned yesterday that I was looking forward to the holiday season in DECEMBER. It really bugs me that all the stores have their Christmas carols pumping like there is less than 24 hours left until the big event.

I mean... no wonder why there are so many ba-hum-bugs in this world. I can't walk into a store these days without the Fa-la-la-la's being shoved down my throat and it's only the 19th of November (though, it's been going on since the 1st). We have 5 more weeks 'til people rip open their gifts, so I don't exactly think we need to hear Jingle Bells, Silent Night, and Winter Wonderland every time we decide to open our wallets this time of year! Heck, I am still buying stuff for myself right now- I don't need the damn Christmas music reminding me that the season for giving to others is just around the corner!

This probably tends to be a bit of a problem for me because I don't do any Christmas shopping in advance. I like to wait it out... and wait it out and wait. it. out. I am not a 24th of December shopper, but I am definitely your Dec. 12th to 18th type shopper. You know, I need time to see all the sales go around once, get some ideas, and then when I think I've seen about every idea there is, I make my final decisions, and rush out to get everything in one foul swoop!

I guess I long to be one those people who makes their shopping list year round, and picks little things up here and there throughout the year. I personally would love not to have to step foot in a store in December, but I know I will NEVER EVER be that person. I am more likely to be the person who curses those people for being so damn organized when it comes to Christmas - if you are one of those people, I truly envy you!

What about you... what's your take on Christmas?

Should the stores really be so Christmas-happy in middle of November?

When do you get in the Christmas mood?

When do you do your shopping?

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