Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekend Report

This weekend was a bit of a mixed bag, but one I enjoyed.

Friday night, after a very rough week at work, PC and I had dinner with some good friends via spur of the moment plans - I absolutely love those few times in a month when you do something that wasn't planned, but you are thrilled you did. This was only dinner at the red stick (Baton Rouge), but given that we haven't been there for a while, and haven't gotten together with this couple for a while, it turned out to be a good evening that wasn't planned.

Saturday morning, I headed into Ottawa to meet a friend for breakfast, before stopping to get another friend for our scheduled afternoon outing. The three of us jumped in the Escape and headed off to Supperworks in Orléans.

If your not familiar with Supperworks, its a pretty basic concept that seems to be pretty popular. You book a session by yourself or with friends, and you basically select 6 meals (or more) from their monthly menu. You make your selections ahead of time, show up emty handed and within an hour you have 6 meals that feed 4 to 6 people, ready to take home and put in your freezer.

It was fantastic... PC and I cooked up the herbed shrimp pasta immediately, and we both loved it. In the freezer, I put some greek market stew, jerk-flavoured chicken bake, moroccan chicken, ratatouille provencal, and seared salmon with balsamic glaze. All I do now is select which meal I want to have when, open my freezer, unthaw the meals, read the cooking instructions on the outside and I have myself a gourmet meal.

The menu changes monthly... next month looks awesome! I really love the concept, the prices are fairly reasonable given that they purchase all of the ingredients, meat, spices, vegetables, pasta, rice, etc. - and the fact that it saves you A LOT of time. I think I will be making a return trip after Christmas!

Today, was spent working at around home, and then doing actual work-work (boo!). Right now, I am enjoying the American Music Awards, while waiting on my laundry to finish drying. Tomorrow will be the start of another crazy work week, but as we approach the end of November, I am looking forward to the holiday season!