Monday, October 29, 2007


Bo Sox win in 4 straight! I am pretty sure that PC and I contributed to this year's World Series' Win for the Red Sox with our visit to Fenway Park earlier this year! Whatever the case is... its pretty sweep sweet!

PC watched the final innings of last night's game in High Definition from the comfort of his hangout - the basement! He could feel the win coming on and made an executive decision to move the TV, the TV stand, and the surround sound speakers to our recent addition (photos to come soon)!
We had a busy weekend with a 130-O reunion/Halloween party taking place in Ottawa (photos to come soon), hockey for PC Friday and Sunday, and a full day of work for me yesterday. We also did some admiring of the new carpet in our basement, and capped it off with a Red Sox win.
Hoping to get some photos and updates on the blog soon... free time has been minimal lately due to work commitments, but I will do my best to download some pics off the camera, and get everyone up-to-speed with our recent highlights.
Stay tuned!