Wednesday, October 31, 2007


We it's 8:13 and we are officially out of candy. The kids are still coming, but we have no candy to give. I figured I had enough candy for 300 kids... and given that its all gone, I am guessing we got that, if not more, given that PC only handed out 1 item to a few loads of older kids!

We have different tactics on the candy giving when it comes to Halloween. I like to give kids one of each item we have in stock: 1 chocolate bar, 1 sucker, and 1 gum, but for PC he likes to make kids choose: suckers, gum, or chocolate bars? Kids get confused, the young take 30 seconds to survey the 3 bowls, thinking it over, pondering their final decisions - and the older kids give him a confused look, as if to say: I want all of it.

Different strokes for different folks I guess.... by the second hour of candy giving we were both out on the front step, PC giving out the chocolate bars, and me giving out the suckers and gum. We have a great neighbourhood for trick-or-treating... and given that the weather was relatively warm, the kids came by the mini-van loads again this year!

The downfall this year for us, was that we have been so focused on the basement we didn't have time to carve any pumpkins. I say 'we' but really it's PC who is the pumpkin artist in this family. He usually does three or four every year, but time just escaped us this year, and so in the 11th hour, I had to put out our artificial pumpkin Mom C gave us (years ago, when we were living-in-sin, in the apartment).

Oh well, I guess the kids don't really care about the pumpkins, as long as you have candy!
And we did, so hopefully our house won't get egged after hours or anything crazy like that!

Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween...! Given that it's still early, I will now download some pics of the basement and Halloween, and post them - consider them my virtual Halloween treat to you!

NOTE: B-day wishes go out to Dad C TODAY - we celebrated his big day on Sunday given that he's the oldest trick-or-treater in Maxville, and was going to be a little busy this evening!!! Just kidding Dad C - Happy Hallo-Birthday!!