Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Move over Suzie!

So... Sunday was a big day of experimenting in the kitchen.

I say this because, I made two menu items that have NEVER been made at our house before.... and they both turned out rather well, so I feel as though it's just another notch on the ol' 'wife of the year' belt.

(*Pause for a moment... while my fellow ladies pipe down from hooting and hollering*).

On Saturday while grocery shopping, I came across baby back ribs on sale. Although I have never made ribs before of any type, I do enjoy the baby back ribs from places like Baton Rouge, Montana's, etc. I decided that for $8 I could take the chance and experiment with my culinary skills - if it didn't work out, we could always order pizza or Chinese!

Sunday afternoon, I started preparing the ribs, boiling the fat off of them, and then glazing them up with a sweet n' sassy sauce... I wrapped them up in foil tightly and began cooking them ... I re-glazed them up after about 45 minutes, and continued cooking them... they smelt delicious and to my surprise, turned out great! I added a little shrimp, some salad, and steamed veggies to our plates, and we had ourselves a very. good. meal!

However... obviously the meal wasn't overly satisfying as we were both wanting something sweet about an hour after supper. To this end, I got on the hunt for a (keyword:) simple Apple Crisp recipe, and thanks to Grandma Wilson's old church cookbook we were off and running. Within 25 minutes, PC had peeled and sliced up 6 apples, I mixed up the cinnamon and sugar, and the stuff for the topping, and by 9 pm we were happily eating apple crisp and ice cream while watching some Sunday night TV in our basement!

I have seen a lot of people make apple crisp over the years, but never paid any attention to exactly 'how' it was made. The fact that, in addition to my baby back ribs success, I took the notion to 'whip up' some apple crisp has me thinking I pretty much just stole the title of Suzie Homemaker right off of Suzie's back!

Yes... this post really has no logic behind it, other than to let me brag about my culinary excellence! But c'mon you have to agree you feel pretty darn good when you try out some new recipes and they turn out fantastic... please let me wallow in my success for just a few more moments!

Has anyone made anything they are extra proud of lately...? Please do share your success stories!

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