Monday, November 05, 2007

Cash Card Junkie

After years of publicly commenting on the fact that Tim Horton's need some sort of debit system or cash card, the decision makers at Tim's have heard my plea and finally did what is in the best interest of their customers - they've introduced the Tim Card - a reloadable cash card that can be used to make purchases at any Tim Horton's.


Although my stops at Timmy's are less frequent than in years past, I still feel this addition to the Tim Horton's payment options will go along way in pleasing Timmy's customers. We live in a society where convenience is a must... and the new Tim Card is very convenient for people like me, who never have any cash on them!
Long gone are the days when I NEED a coffee, but when I open my wallet I only have a few pennies floating around, and no cash on me. Usually, I am too stubborn to take a twenty out of an ABM just for a coffee, but I curse myself that I have left the house with no funds for java. I use to think that the above mentioned situation constituted as one 'very bad day' in the life of Sara Coleman, but now I can rest assured that the new Tim Card will indeed put an end to all future bad days in my life.
I love the fact that this new Tim Card will let me wander through day-to-day life without any money on me. The idea of looking in my wallet and not having a dime on me, yet not having to rush out to the nearest street corner in order to bag for money - this is the ideal life!
I think now that I've obtained the Tim Card, I may be joining an elite group of cash card junkies out there ... when I look in my wallet here's what I've got:
  • The Tim Card
  • The Subway Card
  • The Starbucks Card
  • The Second Cup Card
Notice that, 3 of my 4 cards are coffee cards... no I don't have a problem - I just want to ensure that I am able to purchase a coffee whenever. wherever. I. need. my. fix.
Do any of you use cash cards...? If so, which ones? Do you think you will be using the new Tim Card?