Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Floating thoughts...

Some random things that have been on my mind lately, yet ones that I don't think will make a decent post on their own... so here are the snippets:

  • Why do people purposely smoke in cars with children? I can't stand this... when I see a man or woman puffing away with the window down just peep (or not), and young infants in the back seat breathing it all in. I am not even sure that this point has to go in the 'Parenting for Dummies' manual, it should be a given - hello? common sense! My feeling in general is that people should not smoke in cars period, but if you really must, at least don't do it while your kids are in the car.

  • Speaking of cars and driving... I can't get over the number of people I see driving while talking on their cell phone. I mean, I am not criticising anyone for doing this, as I have been known to talk and drive frequently, but it really amazes me, as of late, the number of people who are the phone while behind the wheel. We aren't just talking about young teens, but all ages, young Moms, business men, middle aged folks, seniors ... it's become the norm for everyone. Which leads me to my next question - is it legal to talk on your cellphone and drive at the same time? My friends and I have had this conversation a few times... and we all agree that when we see the cops and we are on our phones, we panic and immediately drop the phone, just in case - but I would really like some clarification on this - is it a criminal offence to talk on a cellphone while driving?

  • Given that Halloween is only a week away, PC and I have bought our candy for the 400 + kids we will get next week (Embrun is a hot spot for trick or treaters!). We purchased Blow Pop Suckers, Double Bubble Gum, and a couple of mega packs of mini chocolate bars. The mini chocolate bars mysterious got opened last week... and seem to be disappearing rather rapidly. I not sure by who (although PC and I suspect old Mr. Beverage from Algoma Street East in Thessalon), but I would like to point out that in my experience with mini chocolate bars, 1 is never enough... you have to have 3 or 4 to satisfy the craving, and by the time you've had 3 or 4, you were wishing you just had a regular size bar, without having to deal with the process of opening all the individual mini wrappers. However... what is nice about the mini's is that you get have a variety of kinds: KitKat, Crispy Crunch, Coffee Crisp, Crunchie, Wunderbar... ya, did I mention I am still not sure who's been eating all the chocolate bars?

  • Tim Horton's has some new items on their menu that I think are worth trying... the new chicken Fajita Wrap is one item I am a fan of... it's got some kick to it, but ask for a slice of cheddar cheese on it, instead of the disgusting processed cheese, and it will make it taste extra delish for you. As well... they've introduced a chai tea, and I must say - mmm mmm good. It's got a cinnamon flavour to it, and I absolutely love it. It doesn't even need sugar (aren't you proud Mom?)!

  • Last night I got a call from some home security company in Gatineau offering to put a sign on my front lawn for three weeks to improve security in my neighbourhood - and then they also offered to install a home security system for free after the three week period. We already have a home security system (courtesy of the previous owners), so I immediately used that excuse to get them off the phone, but this got me thinking... they want to improve security in my neighbourhood? This would imply security in my neighbourhood needs to be improved. I didn't like the thought of this, because I am not at all convinced that home security in E-ville is an issue, and this company is implying that is. After I rushed the guy off the phone, I felt like calling him up and telling him - 'hey buddy... security in my neighbourhood is fine, just fine, so take your business elsewhere' - but now it has me wondering just the opposite.

  • I am really looking forward to the time change... only because every morning this week I have felt like it was 3:30 am when I was getting up for work at 7 am. It's depressingly dark in the mornings... and although the time change will make the evenings darker earlier, it should provide some daylight in the mornings, which is easier to wake up to! As well... we gain an hour on the clock, and I could really use that hour to catch up on some sleep. I am so looking forward to the night of Nov. 3rd!