Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Seriously, don't read anything into this one...

Here's a burning question...

If a married woman with no children orders/makes a non-alcoholic drink in the presence of others who are drinking alcohol, why does everyone in the room, minus her husband, assume that she's pregnant?

Please do explain...

I guess I should be slapping myself first - because I too make this assumption (in my head) when I know that friends are on the baby wagon - but I don't go as far as to state so boldly to them 'NOT DRINKING, ARE YOU PREGNANT?' or giving them the 'ARE YOU PREGNANT' look as they take a sip of their non-alcoholic beverage.

I feel as though the fact that I am contemplating pregnancy makes me think that I should be laying off a few things, drugs and alcohol being at the top of this list (I like to throw in drugs, as if I am some bad ass!). This by no means translates into I am pregnant, or I might be pregnant - but its sort of the first step in a long list of things I think is a courtesy thing to do for your body before trying to get pregnant.

The problem is... I feel as though every time I order water or a pop instead of my regular 'triple vodka, lemon-cranberry in a short glass' - the crowd takes note of this and baby speculation immediately goes off the charts.

Is it a crime to be considered a woman who drinks alcohol, yet just doesn't feel like 'a drink'?

Although I am trying to drink less ... I feel as though I have to throw in the odd glass of wine or beer just to put people's minds to rest. As soon as the crowds sees an alcoholic beverage in the hand of the 'party in question' they all let out a mental sigh of relief - as if they can all get back to having a good time now that they don't have to be watching (like a hawk) the drinking habits of 'the party in question'.

I can just see the setting at a party after 'the party in question' takes her first drink of alcohol
  • chatter goes up in the room about 40%,
  • everyone starts to let loose,
  • the night is salvaged!
Okay... perhaps it is not as bad as my precept ions indicate, and perhaps all of this could be avoided for the 'party in question' if she didn't have a reputation of being 'a drinker' or 'a Bellerose' for that matter (inside family joke) - but seriously, all reputations aside, let's learn to cut these 'young married women with no kids' a break when they aren't drinking - as I learned early on in my lifetime, we should never assume anything!

If a baby is on board (which in my case, is definitely NOT), I am sure the 'party in question' will come clean with the info, when she's ready to - right ladies?

NOTE: Bonne Fête à Monsieur Julien Benoit. Le résidant de St. Albert qui célèbre un grand nombre d'anniversaires aujourd'hui - tellement beaucoup, je ne peux pas compter cela haute ! Just kidding Jules -- mes souhaits sont vraiment sincères!

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