Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Overheard at Home Depot.

So... as you know we are in the midst of finishing our basement, and this seems to require various trips to Rona, Home Depot, Canadian Tire, etc. PC has been tasked with the majority of these trips because, to be honest, I don't know the difference between 2/16ths and 5/8ths... nor do I care. I also don't care if we use screws or nails, 2x4s or 2x6s... yida yida yada!

However, we are starting to get into the choices that matter to me... faucets, paint, carpet colour... and so I've started making lunch hour and evening trips to the stores listed above.

Last evening while roaming the aisles of Home Depot looking at faucets, paint samples, and vanities, I noticed various couples at odds over choices. I found it hilarious at points, mostly because I could see myself and PC (had he been with me) having the same sort of discussion. A woman always knows what she wants... we have a vision, a well-layed out idea that makes sense. On the other hand a man can only see the amount of work involved in every woman's idea, and can only tell you exactly want they don't want (which is usually the woman's original idea)!

Overhead in the ceramic tile section....

Perky wife saying:
"I envision a mosaic look with lots of slate."

While the husband, raising his eyebrows, replies:
"No you don't, not if I am doing the work."

As I ventured into the kitchen counter top section, I dropped in on this conversation...

Husband said:
"Honey, look at this one... it's nice"

His not so impressed bride glances at him, and replies:
"It's not Granite... keep looking."

H: "It looks like Granite."
W: "It's not."

And while making my way into the vanity section....

Husband starts:
"I said the only thing I wanted was a double sink, and I don't see double sink vanities here... we are waisting our time."

"Well they have really nice single sink vanities here... look at that one, maybe they don't make double ones anymore?"

"They make them."

"Well... single sinks look better, a double sink is so the eighties."

"I am getting a double sink."

"ya you are, in the basement!"

You can't help but laugh, or at least I can't. PC and I would have had those exact conversations, in fact, I know the next trip we take to Home Depot will be much the same. PC is all about getting a deal (surprise surprise), and I am all about the final presentation to the public.

I can imagine our first showing of the basement, if I get my way...

Me: Here's the bathroom.
Guests: Oh WOW, I love your faucet and the tile.

Me: Thanks, it took a while to pick them out, but I am really happy with the choices.
Guests: Great job, good picks, lovely... looks fantastic!

Now... if PC gets his way and gets all of the deals, this is what I imagine our guests will think...

PC: And here's the bathroom.
Guests: Oh.

PC: See the faucets, ten bucks.
Guests: Really?

PC: This tile, we got at the scrap yard, for FREE!
Guests jumping back off the tile: Nice.

I know I know, I make a lot of jokes. PC is pretty good on getting deals on stuff that is actually nice, but every so often, I have to fight to get my point across that I don't necessarily want something because it's a good deal, or because it's free. I want what I want because it looks nice, and I think it will make the room look even better. I also like to think that I know the boundaries in what is a ridiculous price to pay for something that may be nice, but not practical or even remotely affordable.

I guess home renovations require an undisclosed amount of compromise... and slowly PC and I are learning that...

S L O W L Y....!

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