Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mellow Yellow

This is a little bit overdue, but please welcome to our family, Mellow, our new niece!
No... PC didn't give in and let me have dog ... but my brother-in-law and 'his wife' (as he likes to put it), just got a new dog, after their previous one unfortunately had a terminal illness and had to be put down unexpectedly.
We got to meet the newest addition a couple of weekends ago, and let me tell you - she is the BEST DOG EVER. She's only five months old, polite, respectful, and the calmest dog I have ever seen. She's perfect in my eyes, so pefect that I have reopened the debate for reasons why I think PC and I should have a dog.
I doubt PC will ever think that's a good idea for us, but for now, I can just visit my little niece, and pretend if I were to get a dog, she be as good as Mellow is!
Here she is....

In loving memory of Kira/Petey