Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Basement Update #3

So... here they are, pics of the basement, long overdue, but nonetheless will bring you up to speed.

I believe the last update showed pics of the framing stage. It's been a while since I've had time to take the pics of the basement, and I was hoping to get some up of the 'drywall in progress' stage, but PC finished it this weekend and before we could clean up the guy who is doing the taping and mudding was on our doorstep ready to work yesterday morning at 8 am.

In a day, he taped and did his first coat of the mudding. Last night PC cleaned up the scraps of drywall, I swept up and vacuumed as best I could, as our only labourer will back everyday for the rest of the week to finish up the walls.

I am hoping to make our final carpet selection this weekend, and paint the following weekend.

That's the update for now... take a look at all of PC's hard work with the drywall. He has worked tirelessly on the walls, mostly by himself, with the exception of some much need assistance from his Dad in the bathroom and with parts of the ceiling (Thanks Dad C) - THANKS PC!


Main TV Room

(left) Laundry/Hockey Room & Bathroom (right)


(left) shower & office/bedroom (right)

closet in the office/bedroom

doorway to office/bedroom & main tv room