Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ka-ka-karma for Federal Public Servants?

You may recall the recent announcement that our good friend Dalton made just after his re-election as premiere of this fine province.

Yes... the Big D announced the creation of Family Day, a new holiday for the province of Ontario that will be take place the third Monday of every February, starting in February 2008.

The citizens of Ontario are no doubt thrilled - another paid holiday during a season that is long and cold. Everyone in the province must be celebrating... and we were, until the bomb was dropped on the federal public servants of Ontario that this newly created holiday would not apply to us.

As it turns out... and is stated in the Ottawa Citizen article (shout out to the honourable Mr. Wynn for flagging it to me), ""Federally, there are 11 designated paid holidays and despite the addition of a day off in February, our collective agreements do not provide for an additional day off. Since federal employees fall under federal jurisdiction, their public holidays are determined by the Canada Labour Code. Family Day is being introduced through the Ontario Employment Standards Act (not the Canada Labour Code)."

I could go off on a rant about how upset this makes me, but the truth of it is I think it's a bit amusing. I mean... seriously, if you are a federal public servant in this country, your complaints should be few and far between. The fact that we aren't entitled to this new holiday in Ontario makes me laugh because while I will have to work on February 18th, the local pizza maker and garbage man will be rolling snowmen in their backyard, enjoying some GT's (good times) with their families.

Hilarious don't you think? I think it's a little bit of karma coming our way... as for once the Ontario feds are getting the short end of the stick. I imagine on February 18th many non-federal government employees will be saying 'take that' with a devious grin on their faces - and for one day, all the feds in Ontario will be wishing they worked somewhere else!