Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hair troubles!

Why is it that when you get your hair done at the hair dresser, you come out looking like a million bucks... but the next day when you get out of the shower you look like a poodle on display at the local human society?

Honestly... I love getting my hair cut and styled, probably because I just love having my hair played with in general. Going to the spa and paying someone to shampoo and massage my scalp is my idea of a very good time.

On top of the scalp massage, the stylist then combs through my hair multiple times, working in some product between the cut and drying stages. I absolutely love it! By the time she is all finished, I have a ton of self-confidence, and after leaving half my life savings in the cash register, I walk out of there with the biggest smile on face, which lasts well into the evening, and even comes back the next morning as I glance in the mirror, pre-shower.

However... the fun stops there when I must turn on the shower and unwilling wet my head as part of my daily cleansing routine. As I look in the mirror, post shower, the smile fades drastically, especially when I attempt to regain that vibrant shine, bounce, and style I left the salon with the previous day.
It's so frustrating... I go from LOVING my new cut, to hating my attempt to recreate the hair magic (while telling the mirror to #&$% off a few 100 times). And to make matters worse, while I spend 45 minutes on my hair, PC showers, shaves, insert third 's' activity here, brushes his teeth, and hip checks me out of the way for his 30 second gel job - GRRRRRRRRR!
I don't have a difficult style... it's a layered cut, versatile, and somewhat trendy... but:

WHY on earth can't I recreate what the stylist did the day before? WHY can't I operate the round brush AND the blow dryer at the same time... producing the sleek, straight, smashing, non-puffy, non-frizzy, non-average look with every section of hair? And while I am on this rant, WHY is it that stylists never use a hair straightener... they only use the round brush to achieve the straight look?

In the back of my head I know that hair styling is a profession, and that is why I go to a salon in the first place, because I want a professional look - but for the love of god, I would do community service, give blood, or whatever it takes, if I could just get the hang of a half decent blow drying technique that didn't make me swear at the world before I considered myself satisfied with the appearance of my hair!

Have you heard enough yet? Cause I could go on? Perhaps let's hear from you... does anyone else suffer from this hair styling frustration? Time to weight in ladies (and metro-sexual males) ... what are your hair troubles?