Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Wrapping up New Hampshire!

Alright... the trip is almost complete! You will be thrilled to know that I won't bore you with any more day-by-day details of the rest of our trip. I frankly believe I was tired of taking pictures from Boston, so we didn't take too many more the rest of the week. I had meant to take a few of our resort, but every time I thought of it, it was night time.

Anyways... here's a brief summary of the final few days:

Tuesday coming back from Boston, we just stayed at the resort, and took advantage of the pools, and the hot weather. PC had a hard time just laying in the sun, so we decided to head into town that evening and hit the adventurous 18 hole mini putt golf course. It was quite the adventure, I managed to get 3 hole-in-ones.... but still couldn't beat the consistent 2 to 3 putt of PC on each hole. He destroyed me in the later holes of the game, which allowed him to claim the victory.

Wednesday, we hit the real links. A quiet little 18-hole course tucked in the middle of the mountains. This is where today's pictures were taken. I don't think the camera does the scenery justice - the mountains were huge, and absolutely beautiful. It was a hot hot day, but we had a riding cart, and the small river and streams that outlined most of the course provided some air. I was little apprehensive about golfing 18 holes... but the day couldn't have been better. PC and I actually had a good time, just taking our time around the course, and giving each other a mulligan (or two or three or four in my case)! I actually discovered that I would like to golf a little more (but of course haven't since we were on our vacation). PC ended up beating me by about 30 strokes.... but it was still a good round for both of us.

Wednesday evening we hit the local pizza joint for some slices, and then took in a movie (I now pronounce you Chuck & Larry) at the little theatre in town of Lincoln. This little theatre operates thanks to one lady... this would be the same lady that sold us our tickets, also scooped our popcorn, and then took our tickets at the theatre door - it was hilarious, but a well-run operation.

Thursday, we were off to the outlets, and we put in a full day there... shopping our little hearts out. We stocked up on quite a few items that we both needed, and of course a few things we didn't need, but thought were necessary to buy anyways. We did so much shopping, that when we got home we were able to purge 2 garbage bags full of clothes, and another 2 bags full of shoes (it was so rewarding to clean our closest, and the refill it with our newly purchased items - good times!).

Friday was spent back at the resort... another pool day! We actually ended up swimming at teh pool until close... it was so in the mountains... the moon provided an outline of the landscape, which was absolutely gorgeous.

Saturday was check-out day, so we spent Friday night packing up the car in the cool mountain air, and then on Saturday we were able to pull-out on time. Of course, we couldn't very well leave the US of A without making a pit stop at a TJ Max's (for those you who don't know this chain, it's the equivalent of Winner's in Canada). PC was in heaven, spent almost 2 hours in the store going over everything! We finally made our way across the border at Stanstead, and were given a small car search from our friends at CBSA. However, the custom's agent couldn't be bothered to go through all of the items in our over-loaded trunk, so she sent us on our merry way, without so much as a second glance!

We arrived home after supper on Saturday night, a bit tired, but nonetheless overly satisfied with our trip. We got to see the sights, shop, and relax - so it was very enjoyable, something we would do again without a doubt.

Special thanks to Mom & Dad C for giving us a week of their vacation plan to enjoy New Hampshire... greatly appreciated, and it was put to good use! THANKS!

So... this post wraps up our vacation. Here are the last of the of pics from the golf course. I am hoping to get back to some regular blogging for the rest of the week ... you know more bitchin', opinions, and regular Coleman nonsense!


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