Friday, June 22, 2007

Sunshine & Summertime

I would like to take this opportunity to officially welcome the SUMMER of 2007 to my life. As of yesterday, the summer season arrived, and let me tell you, no one was happier about this seasonal change than me (minus the fact that today feels more like a cold fall afternoon, as opposed to the +30 days we've had for the last 2 weeks).

I love summer for the fact that it is usually the time of year I can look forward to some vacation, which means rest and relaxation (hopefully). I also enjoy the summer months for the fact that it means outdoor activities, BBQ's with friends, and believe it or not... a lot less laundry!

This summer seems busy, yet again .... less weddings than in the past few years, but still we have almost every weekend booked with plans.

I like to complain that the summer goes by so fast, and that we never really have time to enjoy it, but I think that's why it goes by so quick... because we are doing fun things (the majority of the time), and we don't notice the weeks dragging by because of it.

This weekend I am heading back towards T.O. for a wedding shower. It sounds like a drag, because most showers are (unless of course its your own), but it will be with my 130-O girls, so even though the drive will be sucky, I know we will be in for some good laughs.

As well, next week, I have the Tim McGraw & Faith Hill concert lined up, so that will be a highlight for sure. Their concert is supposed to be one of the best in country music, and I am pumped up! I have all the tunes downloaded, so I will be ready to belt out every word next Wednesday evening - can't wait!

Then, next Friday, we are taking off to the cottage for 10 days.... TEN WHOLE DAYS, of R&R - I can hardly contain myself. I've got some good books lined up, my ipod fully loaded, and my day planner will be conveniently left at the office Thursday afternoon.

I feel like I am getting off a bit easy this year on the vacation side of things, because since I've started my new job, things haven't have time to build into the same level of frustration that I was more familiar with at my old job. Vacation is usually more about destressing, but this year, it will actually just be a nice treat in the middle of a rather enjoyable first month on the new job - I love it!

This post is just a few ramblings slapped together for your reading pleasure... so I hoped you have throughally enjoyed it, on the second official day of summer.

I would also like to send a shout out to my MIL, Mom C, as she celebrates her birthday today. She's been at the cottage all week (what a great way to ring in your b-day), so I am not sure if I will see her today, but I would like send out some special birthday wishes to her!