Thursday, May 10, 2007

Summer Shoe Season

The summer shoe season has arrived and is reeking havic on my poor, innocent, little feet.

I have worn a series of summer shoes over the last two weeks, and every. single. pair has caused some form of blistering.

I love summer. I love shoes. But I hate the aftermath of breaking in summer shoes.

I am not sure what to do. I have purchased a few pairs of dressy summer shoes, but when they gave me blisters, I went back to the ones that I've worn in previous years because I could depend on them for comfort. HOWEVER, it seems that they have taken it personally, the fact that last summer I didn't give them a second glance in the closet because I was thrilled to be wearing my flip flops to French training every day of the heat season. My older pairs of dressy sandals didn't get any face time, and for that, they hate me. These pairs of sandals have jumped on the blister bandwagon... and are driving it full speed ahead.

I can't win here.

Have my feet suddenly grown, or reshaped themselves? Is this why I have become a blister magnet?

I am not sure, but there is not enough bandaids in the house to accomodate all the pain and discomfort I am going through.

I also think the recent heat wave has also played a role in the creation of blisters. You know... feet sweating, slipping all over the place in a shoe... rubbing on the leather, it doesn't take long until you have a little water bubble on your baby toe, your big toe, the side of your foot, the back of your foot... then the next thing you know, your whole foot feels like its on fire!

Why does shoe fashion have to be soooooooooo painful. Does anyone have any tricks out there for foot comfort, or tips for the rapid healing of blisters? If so... please share, my feet will love you forever!

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