Tuesday, April 17, 2007

BANG... oops!

Tonight after a long day of work, I raced home as I was hungry, tired, and just wanted to be in my comfy clothes, lounging around, enjoying the evening.

The drive was surprisingly not too bad, no crazy drivers on the road (expect me), and no need to lay on the horn, or flip anyone the bird - that translates into a pretty good drive to me.

As I arrived home, I backed into my driveway, like it was any other day, but to my misfortune, my everyday action would become quite unpleasant, and quickly!

As I was backing in, I was thinking mostly about what I would need to do first thing in the morning at work, when out of the blue my thoughts are halted with an immediate 'BANG'.

The following thoughts ran through my mind:
Was that a BANG?
It sounded like a bang.
That was bang!

So I pull forward, and think that that the racks on the Escape have hit a chain or something in the garage. But then I smarten up and realize it must have been more then that... as I have backed in this garage easily over 200 times in the last 2 years and I have never heard a sound.

Like a good woman, I back in fully, immediately shut the car off, and push the button to close the door, but the BANG has not went undetected. PC is at the door within seconds, to which he asks:

Did I hear a BANG?
I heard a big BANG?

Panicking in his Tony Soprano type voice, he questions:
Did you hit the car?

Me... dumbfounded, I respond:
Ahhh, yeah I heard something but I think it was just the roof racks.

Although I was really thinking:
Easy Tony, I did not hit your Mafia car!

With his inspection already underway PC is up on the bumper checking the roof, while I am still trying to figure out what has happened. I look directly at the garage door as it is down and I see a slight peep of daylight shining through at the bottom. I point this out, to which PC inspects further, pushing the automatic door opener to get a better look. Sure enough there is complete separation between the middle of the door and the metal bar at the bottom.

I think to myself:
Ooooooooooooooooooooooops, major ooops.

But I am relieved that there is nothing more. PC gets out the hammer and realigns the bottom of the door, only to discover a further dent on the front of the door. Its not horrible, but its still bad enough... although the good news (at this point) is that there is no damage to the Escape.
I leave PC to further repair the door as I go inside to make dinner.

While inside, our neighbour from across the street makes his way over as apparently he and his young children have witnessed everything (PERFECT). He and PC discuss the incident only to further discover another, much larger, dent on the door, and one on the back door of the Escape.

Apparently, from what they can reconstruct the garage door was about half way up when I backed into it. It continued moving upwards while denting and scratching the top left corner of the back of the Escape. It appears that if I had been going any faster I would have shattered the entire window on the back door.

Perfect. Just. F#%$ing. Perfect.

So apparently my nomination for driver of the year might be in jeopardy after this one small incident - but seriously, it could happen to anyone... RIGHT?

I am super ticked at myself, I have never been so stupid in my whole life. To boot I have no idea what the damage for this major brain fart will be, but I can imagine its going to cut into my spring clothes budget.

Its been a bad day... so I am calling it a NIGHT.

Prayers are now being accepted for a better day tomorrow!

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