Sunday, April 22, 2007

Open Window Season

It's here... finally, my favourite time of the year.... open window season.

Since Friday it's been hot hot hot, not mildly nice, H.O.T. - I love it... because most of all I can shut the heat off and open the windows as wide as they go. I love having the warm breeze blowing through the house... it just puts me in such a good mood. If PC were here we would not doubt have the AC on, but I am taking this weekend to enjoy the warm weather, without AC!

This weekend, PC is playing hockey in Low, QC... while the rest of the neighbourhood is working outside to set up their patios, get their yards in order, etc. I spent the majority of yesterday scrubbing floors, and cleaning the house (while taking many breaks on the back deck in the hot sun). I managed to make a quite TO DO list for things I want need done around the house. The good thing is that I know PC can do them all, its just getting him back to the house and handcuffing to workbench that will become instrumental in making sure the list gets completed!

I will keep you posted!
Enjoy the rest of the nice weather!

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