Thursday, April 26, 2007

Coffee, Curling, Chiro

Here we are... Thursday and I haven't made a post since Sunday. Its been down right pathetic... and most of it attributes to that fact that I have been super busy at work, so much that I don't have time to make a coherent post (the days of boring old French training are long over), its back to the busy/crazy/political/frustrating world of government communications.

However... I am here tonight, in between periods of the Sens game, with a brief, mid to late week update. I titled this post 'coffee, curling, chiro', as this has basically been the theme of my week.

I am back on the coffee... hard core. I should have never even tried to go off of it, because its pretty much a non-issue. I love it and lately it has been the only excuse to get me out of the office for a 5 minute breath of fresh air. I actually use to take coffee breaks for granted. Long gone are the days where I could grab a coffee, have a short browse through the bottom floor of the Rideau Centre and saunter back to my office. Now its seems to be more of jog/run to Starbucks/Timmies and then right back to my desk, barely even noticing any of the books in the middle aisle at Chapters. Pathetic... but at least I get my coffee... still the highlight of my day!

Back on the horse for one last weekend. Its the time of year in the curling world were teams dismantle or rejig their lineups for the following season, so everyone likes to try out so new combos before committing to anything serious. I was ready for the season to be over a month ago, but who could resist one more spiel before calling it a (rough) season! The nice thing about curling is that the majority of the people are fun, social, and entertaining, so you really can't go wrong wasting a nice weekend inside the club.

I have had an ongoing relationship with my chiropractor for two weeks now. I basically see him more than I do my husband lately, but the services he provides cost a bit more money than PC's going rate, however ... ACTUALLY, we will just leave it at that!

The chiro has me on some crazy treatment plan for my pinched nerve, and its actually been working out nicely (although it hasn't repaired the damage I did to the Escape!!!). I like getting an adjustment from the chiro because it feels great afterwards, except for the fact that I must go practically everyday for the first little while. After curling on Tuesday night, I saw him Wednesday... and he was like 'WOW, definitely a change in position here since you've been curling again'.

I didn't go to see him today, but my neck is hurting a bit. I think that these so-called adjustments are addictive, kinda like coffee, you don't necessary need an adjustment (coffee) but you want one because it feels (tastes) so good to have one. The chiro tells me I can continue his suggested treatment at my own will, but I think he damn well knows that he's got me, Mrs. Addictive Personality, for a patient, and I will be pretty much hooked on the adjustments after just a few, so that's probably the reason he prescribed so many in the first place!

Okay... now I am just rambling... but I think you can see what type of a week its been.
I am about to get back to the Sens game, and then try to watch some PVR'd shows before calling it a night - I think I need a coffee to get through the next few hours... and maybe an adjustment before my curling game tomorrow night - AHHH!