Monday, April 30, 2007

Home Project #492: Finishing the basement

So... its on.

PC and I have started the heated arguments discussions about refinishing our basement. At times, its been unpleasant, but I think we are starting to arrive at some common ground... finally.

Pretty much since we bought the house, this has been a topic of discussion. Mostly, it was me discussing it, while PC would stare passionately at whatever hockey/baseball/football game was on the television, but lately the conversation has become more engaging on both sides, such to the fact that my so-called dreams are now being scaled back to realistic plans.

The one thing I loved about the house when we bought it was the fact that the basement was unfinished - a blank slate - free to do whatever. we. wanted. - however, PC and I have different visions of what 'whatever' encompasses.

PC is of the opinion that the basement project, although it will be a lot of work, is pretty straight forward. Slap up some walls, do the electrical, plumbing, flooring, ceiling, sanding, painting... and VOILA, we are ready to move. in. the. furniture.

I, however, have my own dream for the basement. One that includes a kick-ass laundry room, built-in wall shelving units, a wine cellar, luxurious home office, state of the art theatre system, maybe a wet bar... everything this side of Hollywood, except the sign itself.

I know, I know. In projects of this size, you have to be practical, and PC has delivered on his end of the bargain. He really doesn't want anything too exciting, and for once, this is a problem (yes, its true, you can never please a woman).

The number one motivating factor in getting the basement done is actually to provide PC with an office. He's been working from home in third world conditions for over a year now, and I worry about the long term effects of bad lighting, poor air quality, etc. However, he seems to be managing, but I would hate for this to go on forever.

So... now, with the proper funds in place, we are ready to make it happen. We have already signed up to have the historic 130-O couches picked up with next week's garbage... and we are starting to clear out the other shit into the garage to make way for the delivery of building materials. BUT, while PC just wants to start, I want to take the time to make some actual floor plans and figure out what things will be like before we put in the first nail. (This so makes me my father's daughter - Mr. I won't put the car in the drive until I know exactly where I am going on the map - it was so frustrating to me as a kid, but the point being, he never did get lost!).

We did visit our neighbours last night as they finished their basement not too long ago, and I really fell in love with their layout. It basically had everything we I want, and it was actually nice to visualize the end result, as opposed to just imagining where the walls would be, and what it would look like after all the hard labour ahead of us PC.

I am starting to see that perhaps I don't need everything I was originally dreaming of... so this is a good thing, but I am still gunning for the kick-ass laundry room!

To be continued....

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