Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Perks of the job!

I have been at this blogging thing for over a year now, and while there have been some highs of the job, I just recently received my first real 'perk' via Canpar express mail, Tuesday morning. I opened the package and was surprised to find the following:

You may recall my post Anyone feel like taking a leak on their keyboard? - to which I openly discussed how a university study showed that over half of workplace keyboards tested positive for traces of urine.

I mentioned (a few times) how disgusting I found these findings as I was thinking of my own workplace and keyboard. In my post, I referred to a product called Kleen Keys in which a company by the name of Vision Global Media Group is producing and marketing a medical silicone keyboard as a solution to avoiding the germs, dust, and traces of urine that sometimes can spread through a workplace causing god knows what kind of infections to employees and management. The solution in Kleen Keys being that the silicone keyboard can be sanitized using soap and water, which prevents the spread of bacteria and germs all together.

While I merely commented on the product, thinking it was just some sort silicone cover you put over your real keyboard, I did not expect the president of the company to contact me, nor follow up with sending me, not one, but two, Kleen Keys keyboards to try for myself.

I sent the company my information late Thursday night heading into the Easter weekend, and VOILA, Tuesday morning the parcel was delivered to my door. To my surprise the product is not a cover, its an actual functioning keyboard that comes with a USB cord and proper keyboard attachments. I was stunned to think that this keyboard would actually work, let alone be able to be subjected to soap and water. I am using the board as I type this post, and to my amazement the thing actually works, and works well.

The initial feeling of typing on a flatter keyboard is something that I have to get use to, but the part I love is that it does not make a sound when you are typing (however, in the office I almost want people to hear me clicking away so they at least think I am doing something)!
I just put the keyboard to the real test, detaching it and washing it in the sink with some dish soap. Believe it folks, you can wash this baby with your regular dish detergent and with in a matter of minutes the board is gleaming, and ready for use. You really have to see it to believe it, but you can roll the sucker up, throw it in your purse... practically do whatever you want with it, and I believe it will work.
Dead skin cells, chewed nails, eyelashes, and other natural germs no longer have a permanent home on my keyboard, nor will they spread to any other person using my computer, because as soon as I see the particals building up I won't think twice about washing up my board!
I love love LOVE this product, its cool, and best of all it's a pretty healthy choice (this coming from the girl who just got over a nasty cold that she probably picked up from someone in the office)! To boot... Kleen Keys is not only available in black, but this summer you can get the board in cool colours such as blue, green, or pink. Imagine having a pink keyboard.... its soooo me!!
I don't know... I had thought that Kleen Keys was going to be some knock off product that was just a gimmick, but I can definitely see that it's actually very useful, and the more people that use Kleen Keys in a common space, the bigger healthier advantages there will be for everyone involved.
Thanks Kleen Keys!

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