Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Missed sentiments....

I am usually pretty good for using this blog to share late breaking news, but during a conversation over supper last evening with my brother-in-law and his wife (sorry Ange!), it came to my attention that I have missed a few recent occasions.

Let's date back to oooooooooooh, March.

My good friend Erin Leeanne Boyd got engaged to the Cat... (shout out to Sparty)! I think this went unmentioned on the blog... so I wanted to take the time to say an official CONGRATULATIONS to the lovely couple, and wish them days of easy and relaxing wedding planning ahead.

In April, the 25th to be precise, I missed my sister-in-law, Angela's, 27th birthday. These are belated wishes going out to AC Unit... she is an aspiring young lawyer, who was working hard on her final exams for law school on her special day, but now that they are over... here's to a relaxing summer ahead, filled with warm days, and slushy patio drinks!

Last week, Rosalind, over at Chez Roz, got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Mat. The couple recently bought a house in the east end of Ottawa, and Roz started a new job last week as well. All these exciting events at one time in a person's life can be really overwhelming, but if anyone can handle it, its Roz, and she deserves all the happiness that life has to offer, so with that said... CONGRATULATIONS Roz & Mat.

Finally, my good friend Dalérie, over at Leaning Tower of Pizza, left our office to start her maternity leave. She will be gone for 16 loooooong months, as she's expecting a baby girl on May 29th. I am super excited for her, but I am really going to miss her around the office... we have been working together since 2004, and we have come to rely on each other for a lot of advice, both professionally and personally, so she will be missed in my books. Good luck Dal, as you bring your little girl into the world, I know you will make a great Mom!

There... I think that about covers it!
I should be back in the good books now! If I may have missed anything... please let me know in the comments section, as I thrive on being in the know!